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Channel Letters Signage

Our Channel Letter Signs are built to withstand the elements. Meticulously crafted from a highly durable material. Each sign comes with a three  year workmanship guarantee. With our two-part acrylic point system, your sign will stand out above the rest. Channel Letters signs are perfect  addition to professional businesses, retail locations, restaurants and more.

Interior Signage

Interior Signage adds distinction to entrances and reception areas and work equally well as exterior signage. We can supply you with handcrafted interior signage fabricated from metals, acrylic, aluminum and more. You can choose from a wide assortment of standard colors or we can match any color which you desire. There are options available with LED lights also.

Pylon Signage

Pylon Signs are finished with aluminum or stucco effect, mounted with a post and panel system, fashioned with cost-effective engineering. We can work with you to custom design the signage to fit your particular needs. We also ensure state compliance where necessary. 

Property Management Signage

Property Management Signage have a unique look that adds distinction to any location. Made of wood or aluminum material that withstands all kinds of weather, water and insects. We can craft a property Management Sign in any shape and than paint it with our resistant two-part acrylic finish which boosts stunning colors and comes with workmanship guarantee

Multi Tenant Signage

Multi Tenant Sign helps your visitors to find their way throughout your location area. Prism Signs TX offers a variety of elegant full color with tenants logo and design signs. We also provide clear and easy installation.

Banner & Vinyl Signage

We can assure the success of your next event with a wide range of soft signage options. We can provide you with stunning banners, banner stands, yard signs window vinyl and more. We can meet all of your specialized signage needs.

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